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Welcome to The VIVID OPTICS

VividOptics owner Ash Gowlikar has 10 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry in New Zealand.



Truth will always be the basis of our operations


These flow from the trust that exists between a company and its customers and are key to the success and growth of both parties


From the very beginning of the relationship, we will work with our customers to understand their vision, meet their requirements and help them to achieve their aims


Whatever we sell comes with a pledge of ongoing support that is timely, efficient and effective


The products we sell will be sourced from longstanding and reputable suppliers, including EXFO in Canada, and will be the best in the world

Community/Social Responsibility

Whatever we do, we will always remember that we are part of the community and will seek to help it in accordance with the principle of kaitiakitanga


VividOptics is dedicated to providing the best possible fiber-optic, data and communications services and products to New Zealand enterprises such as data centres, internet service providers and cabling contractors.

Based in Auckland, we service the needs of the industry nationwide. We are also the authorised New Zealand suppliers of products and services from Exfo & STL, EXFO of Quebec, Canada, the No.1 company in the world in the field of communications testing, monitoring and analytics, with more than 1900 staff in 25 nations and STL With an intense focus on end-to-end network solutions development, STL has a strong global presence with next-gen optical preform, fibre and cable manufacturing facilities in India, Italy, China and Brazil, along with two software-development centers across India and one data centre design facility in the UK.

VividOptics owner Ash Gowlikar has 10 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry in New Zealand, specialising in the sales of fiber-optic and ethernet communication solutions and the provision of associated services.

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